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Turbine / Jet Engine Applications

Fairchild J-44 engine, Lycoming L10-320 engine, CFR / 727 engine operating light and air conditioning systems, PT 6 Turbo Prop Engine, Turbine Generators (Photo's A & C), and Aircraft Trainers / Purdue University ( Photo B).

Gen Set At JFK Airport



Purdue University Reasearch Study
Department Of Aviation Technoolgy
April 1993
Professor Douglas Latia

(Tests performed: Strato Test and Bench Flow Test)
Was reviewed and approved by FAA for installations - Installed on 3 of Purdue's training aircrafts (#527-528-529), as well as reviewed by (Oracle Air Motive R & D - Brian S.).
(Form - STC / Chicago, ILL))
(Averaged fuel savings 20%)

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4500 HP Turbine Generators <18 in Total>


(FAA approved secondary safety precaution
- stabilizer with parallel bypass fuel line)
(Purdue University)