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The "Q" factor is for air conditioning, freezers, coolers, chillers, ice machines, vehicles, airplanes, refrigerated trucking and refrigerated warehousing. Treatments of air conditioning, heat pumps and refrigeration systems has been tested and customer proven to reduce power consumption by an average range of 20% to 35%.

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) of the US Dept of Energy (DOE) tested and found that systems treated with this type of product realized a "minimum" of 22% reduction in energy consumption. Their published bulletin stated that "all" government buildings are to be treated with this product and predict tremendous cost savings.

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* Helps maintain a high compressor performance level
* Improves the "Q" heat transfer factor
* Cleans and restores older systems
* Contains an acid scavenger that stops acids - which cause
compressor burn out
* Reduces noise, friction and vibration
* Reduces system cycle time (shorter run times, longer off
times energy savings without any product defects)
* Prevents bearing ball with anit-weld and anti-seize
* Reduces power required to produce a ton of refrigeration
* Protects environment by reducing energy consumption
* Contains "no" acid forming chlorinated or halogenated oils
* Poses no health or safety risks
* Contains no hazardous materials
* Savings and performance improvements continue for life of system
* Field applications reduced power consumption for 20% to highest
of 41%
* Product Liability Insurance = $1,000,000
* Dosage = 1 ounce per HP or Ton of equipment
* Our product is NOT chlorinated as other similar products are... this is a very important factor...

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Suggestions for Pre-installation:
1 - Clean the Coils first
2 - Install New Filters
3 - Install sub-meter so that this equipment will be segregated from "all" other usages
4 - Install Blue Q