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Fuel and Emissions

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1 - Some case studies will state performances in any one or both of Clients interests: Fuel Savings, or only GHG Emissions or both...

2 - Dates of case studies will be out of order as we intended to show performances accomplished in specific categories, not a pattern of dated installations.

Refrigeration/Air Conditioning


Major Donut Chain (Krispy Kreme)

"A/C - Refg savings 41%."

Seafood Company - Blast Freezer (Gulf Crown Seafood Co)

"After installation/dwell period, the system became so efficient that the primary compressor and 1 of the secondary compressors could handle most of the cooling load, and the 3rd compressor ran a little on occasion, and the 4th compressor did not run at all. Installation took place on the coldest time of the year with a 26.7% savings. The efficiency improvement for the summer cooling load, which is the greatest, could exceed 35%."

Supermarket Refg

"20% Power savings, 28% increased production"

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
"Primary chiller able to handle load without help of secondary chiller - a 31.6% savings. "

Louisiana State University - Office Bldg
"2x 50 Ton reciprocating chiller units with 24% savings and 25% savings."

Bethwood Resturant, New Jersey
Reduction of 23.9% AC and 24% Refg.
Actual analyses

Customs House/Homeland Security (Tampa, Fla)
23.5% averaged savings - 2009
(Utility/Tico verified a 20% reduction in usage, also put client in a lower rate classification because of savings generated - 2010)

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American Landmark Properties - Presently:
"Been using services of Dr George Molteni, The Energy Group since April 1997. Facility is a corporate office building with high profile tenants, (IBM - Pitney Bowes - Ceridian - Atlas Copco). Dr George provided us with an initial energy audit for each tenant and currently provides monthly energy readings and detailed yearly energy audits. My staff and I are pleased with the work and professionalism displayed by Dr George/The Energy Group."

Equitable Adjustment Service Inc:
"We would recommend The Energy Group to other businesses. Dr Molteni, who I know for 20+ years, is the consummate professional who is not only extremely knowledgeable in his field, but also most conscientious in seeing his client satisfied".

Harold H Goldberg Co:
"Known Dr Molteni for several years and The Energy Group handles all of my energy auditing concerns, including surveys of energy consumptions throughout a property and complete breakdown of individual tenants consumptions as well as common area share. His surveys are complete, useful and easy to understand since tenants are being charged back. I would certainly recommend and often do Dr Molteni's services to my colleagues and business associates".

Energy Director - Newark Housing Authority:
"Wow! What a meeting (lasted approx.. 3 hrs). I'm rarely so impressed as I was today with you (The Energy Group). You've got a terrific approach and one that I feel is best for this agency. I also appreciate your flexibility in offering to provide us service in a variety of ways. I am definitely interested in your formula for determining bad demand charges. Concerning the deliverables, you're absolutely correct, what I need is "stupid and simple" solutions that I can pass along to the next guy. After you left, I met with the President of (major recognized utility accounting software company). I still don't think his normalizing baseline and tracking program has the level of detail as " the Doctor's". In any case, no one is going to be able to obtain the benchmarking and quality of info you obtain in your audit. You've truly got a unique approach."


Some of Our Clients
(to name a few)

Fuel Savings Audits/Commissioning
  • City of Horezu, Romania
  • Kiev, Ukraine
  • Merck & Company
  • Kean College
  • NJ American Water Co.
  • PSE&G
  • Beth Israel Hospital
  • City of Fort Worth, TX (350 units)
  • Long Island Lighting Co. (Lilco)
  • JCP&L
  • Entenmann's Bakery
  • Kraft Foods
  • Senator R. Littell, NJ
  • American Airlines
  • Bell Atlantic
  • Washington DC Complex
  • GPU Services Corp.
  • University of Chile, Santiago
  • Singapore Taxi Service
  • TNT Red Star
  • Sithens Real Estate
  • Trenton Diesel
  • Penzoil Corporation
  • National Hot Rod Association
  • Blue Thunder Racing Team
  • Aurora Township, IL
  • Bolingbrook Township, IL
  • Fleet Maint. & Safety Report (Article)
  • Polymer Plant - Singapore
  • The War Eagle (Yacht)
  • Michael Brennan (Yacht)
  • Singapore Bus Co.
  • Dean Gulick (7D) Race Car
  • Union Pacific Resources
  • Victory/United Van Lines
  • Franklin Township, NJ
  • Argo Tours, S.A. (m/v Islamorada)
  • Wagner Tours & Travel
  • Siemens Energy/Automation, Inc.
  • Hotel Lexington/Taj Int'l
  • St. Josephs Medical Center
  • Fenway Country Club
  • Bed, Bath and Beyond
  • Loreal/Cosmair
  • Kearfott Navigation
  • Setco/McCormick Spice
  • Harold H. Goldberg & Co.
  • Sitar / Polevoy Assoc.
  • WNY Management Corp.
  • White Plains Medical Center
  • Beloit Memorial Hospital
  • Swepco Tube Corporation
  • Hypro Corporation
  • Alcan Powders & Pigments
  • Marcon (Marvin Windows)
  • Viracon/4 (Apogee Corp.)
  • Wykagyl Country Club
  • Ponderosa Steakhouse
  • Nassau County Correction Center
  • The Bethwood Restaurant
  • Jaiya Rest
  • Readington Roadhouse
  • Stony Hill Inn
  • Montville Corporate Center
  • Equitable ADJ. Serv. Inc.
  • IBM / Ceridian
  • Marshalls Smoked Fish Co
  • United Malaysian Banking Corp (Malaysia)
  • JFR Global Investments
  • Chuang Yen Monastery
  • American Landmark Properties
    * Parsippany R/E Associates
    * Princeton Park Corp Ctr
    * Two Gateway Center
  • Lodi Housing Authority / HUD
    <Heating Energy Audit - 220 units + Admin. Building>

    * EPA (results affirmative)
    * Dept of Transportation, New Jersey
    * US Navy
    * US Army
    * Picatiny Arsenal Energetic System. Process Div. NJ
    * The Energy Group
    * Schotz Auto & Industrietechnik (Germany)
    * Purdue University
    * Better Roads Magazine (2 articles)
    * Duke Energy
    * Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ)
    * California Environmental Protection Agency
    <Calf. Vehicle Code: Calf. ARB Executive Order - D612>
    * Toledo Edison
    * Florida Power & Light
    * City of New York
    * University of Malay's Dir of Elect. Eng.
    * Tenaga Nasional Power Co.
    * PSE & G

(*)Reviewed, Lab Tested & or Installed


(to name a few)

Wilson Sporting Goods • Kraft Foods Inc. (All American Gourmet) • Department of HUD • Tenaga Nasional Electric Co. (Malaysia) • IGA Supermarkets • Friars Executive Offices • McDonald's • Days Inn • Maryland Farms Country Club • Natachaug Hospital Inc. • Cleveland Browns Stadium • United Jersey Bank (now Summit Bank) • Quality Inn• LaFe Clinic • Pillsbury/Filmico Food • Philips Electronics • Bendix/Allied Signal • General Electric • Becton Dickinson • Burger King • Paper Direct • Bethwood Restaurant • US Army • Dixie Limestone Inc. • Western Auto Stores • The Press Sentinel • Addco Millworks • Best Buy Tortilla Factory • Wagon Wheel Shopping Center • A&M Laundromat • Hanley Paint Co. • MFI International • Southern Tech Plastics • Transworld Banks • State of Qatar • Strike and Spare Bowling • DC Health and Hospitals • NJ Bell Atlantic • Duke Energy (Baxter Station).