(since 1989)

The Energy Group offers a "unique" emissions and fuel solutions device that reduces usage without any loss of performance. Probably the "only" pre-combustion fuel technology that has ever passed FAA's stringent testing protocol. FAA tested and approved to have been installed on Purdue Univ. Aeronautical Schools training aircrafts, with verified performances, which makes our technology far more superior than anything else on the market... and here's why!

We'll offer your "Bottom Line", "proven" results better than anyone else!

Virtually complete elimination of exhaust emissions (up to 96% = Duke Energy), and 50% less NOx emissions within 30 hours of operation from a dyno machine test (Beijing Univ.).

* Fuel savings 10% to 35%

* Extends life of your Equipment

* Paybacks 1-2 years "or" less

* Equipment life of 50 years (304L Stainless Steel)

* "NO" maintenance ever, regeneration, etc, etc, etc.

* Tested by 9 highly respected agencies and "never" failed to produce results

* Can be used with "any" equipment using "any" type of fossil fuels

Why we're unique and worth your time:

* Your Risk: Do Nothing - That's Very Expensive...

* Peace of Mind: Our Credentials and Performances

* When everyone "thinks" alike - no one is thinking...

* Answers: Don't take our word - Review the website and see yourself :

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* Client results and performances

Questions: Contact Dr George at our Corporate Headquarters or one of our other global division directors