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April 1, 2012 - Philippine Truck installation (video being edited)
(Comments by owner - Ms Anita Calolo (Maramag, Bukidnon))

"After the device installed the smoke was less - am shocked... wow ! In just few seconds.. there is already result.. very nice.. you can see the black smoke turned to blue.. the mileage improve in 1 day time. every morning can see changes.. color of the smoke became cleaner and cleaner... in 3 days' time"
(7.4% fuel savings in 2 weeks' time - Full 30 day analyses / test reveal 16.9% Fuel Savings with 78.9% reduction in Emissions/Pollution - with a 7 month payback)

Jan 15, 2013 (YH messenger): I have good news for you.. Mrs Calolo the owner of the truck we installed our device was very happy.. few days ago she asked driver why he was not asking money from her to buy fuel? the driver said.. boss.. we have enough fuel we don't need to buy yet. Mrs. Calolo smiled and said this is very amazing device it save more than before.

Installation photos
Reference letter

Ed - Wayne Whse. (businessman + retired police official)

Truck - 4x4 - Silverado, 93,000 miles
38 gallons tank capacity installed - June/2008
Trip NJ to Florida + side trip to N.Caroline with fully loaded 4x8 ft trailer and truck on return trip (owner was so impressed with results that he purchased 4 additional units - Home and Vehicles).
Note: Phone call - Oct 25, 2012 (around 9:30 pm), while on trip to Kentucky, Ed called and stated that he was "now getting over 28% more MPG and wanted to purchase a unit for his customized Caddy".
Simple Analyses
Open Reference Letter

Van/Truck Co

"Average fuel increase 12% to 15% in addition to pollution decrease."

US Army - Picatinny Arsenal

Reduction in Opacity - 75%


2000 Peterbilt Truck - reduced PM by 80% and NOX by 93%.
Fuel Economy increased 25%. <435 HP Detroit Diesel Engine>
Fuel economy increased 25% & increased MPG from 4.9 to 6.1

NYC area - Carting / Refuse Firm - (Diesel) (2005)

"31% increase in mileage over a 30 day period."
(over the road transfer truck)

"The units on Truck 20 & 25 were installed in early July/2005... (of a fleet of 25 trucks, 5 units have been installed - refuse/garbage trucks / stop, go, idling & stop, go idling, etc). The units on the other trucks were installed in late Nov/2005. The most accurate to measure is #20 since it was one of the first and does not seem to swing that much. If you average Jan to Jun/2005 you get 2.33 MPG... From Jul/2005 to Jan/2006 you average 2.62 MPG. That truck would have used 5,990 gallons at the old mileage, instead it used 5,331 gallons (reduction of 659 gallons) a savings about 11%."

Diesel engine re-manufacturer (Trenton Diesel, NJ)

"Engines runs cooler, water temp dropped, increases fuel efficiency. Overall performance increased significantly."

Analyses: Test 1, Test 2, Test 3

Freightliner / Alfred Heller Heat Treating Co Inc

(Truck #62 - installed Jan 13, 2006)

Habitat for Humanity (Cluj, Romania) (2005)

(diesel truck - 20% Fuel Savings)

5H - Habitat Analyses