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Recommendations taken from our LinkedIn profile

"Dr. George is a very creative energy engineer that can mine and find energy savings even in very challenging factories in eastern block Europe and work with a wide variety of people. Always focused on the bottom line and makes projects work and good to work with!" July 6, 2011
Klas Haglid, P.E., R.A., CEO & President, Haglid Engineering

"Dr. George is a dedicated professional, willing and able to solve anything put in front of him. Dr. George has great work ethic and is well versed in his company's practices and values and stands behind his work and clients." June 23, 2011
Sandy Tucker, Administrative Assistant, Bucks County Conservation District

"I have had the pleasure of knowing "Dr. George" Molteni professionally for more than 15 years. In that time, I have found him forward thinking, meticulous in his presentations about the products and services of The Energy Group, and truly a prophet about technologies that can greatly benefit businesses and municipalities by conserving fuel and energy. It is regrettable that more businesses, government entities and others do not utilize The Energy Group and its systems." June 27, 2011
Bob Masiello, Partner, Mainly Meetings Travel LLC

"Dr. George is personable, detail-oriented, and always thinking about ways to improve his customers' cost savings opportunities. He's a tremendous resource and someone I can always turn to for advice. I would highly recommend Dr. George to any company looking to explore energy efficiency solutions beyond the typical low hanging fruit." June 22, 2011
Robert Ferrucci, Chief Operating Officer, Commonwealth Energy Group

"Dr. George is a dedicated professional, committed to achieving the best outcomes for his clients." June 6, 2011
Bill Berger, Principal, Practical Resources, LLC


* The Energy Group was selected as 1 of 7 presenter to a competition of energy and environment technologies from Woodbridge Township, New Jersey. Certificate can be seen at the press page
* The Energy Group has been selected as one of the "Top Small Businesses" by You have distinguished yourself as one of the top entrepreneurs in the country and are most deserving of this award and recognition. (2008)
* Member of New Jersey - US Green Building Council
* Member - Energy Efficiency Committee - NJ Clean Energy Council
* SAE International - accepted/approved product listing (fuel stabilizer) in their Worldwide Automotive Supplier Directory (Apr 16, 2007)
* The Energy Group has been nominated a 2nd time to receive the Star of Energy Efficiency Award (Andromeda) from the Alliance To Save Energy (Sept. 12, 2006). The Submittal and Published Paper (5 pages) for this Award - click here.
* Building Operating Management Magazine
(June/06 - Product and Service Guide)
Facility Service Providers
Pages: 137 * 146 * 155
* US DEPT of ENERGY / Industrial Technologies Program
(Save Energy Now Partner)
* The Energy Group has been nominated to receive the Star of Energy Efficiency Award from the Alliance to Save Energy... (results Oct/2005)
* EBA-NYS (Environmental Business Assn of New York State)
* US Dept of Energy/Rebuild America Program (Business Partner)
* Approved/Certified - Small Business Enterprise (SBE - Category I) by State of New Jersey - (NJ Commerce & Economic Growth Commission - NJAC 12A:10 - NJAC 17:13)
* The Energy Group was recently awarded and recognized as one of New Jersey's 100 leading diversity owned businesses at the National Diversity awards ceremony in Washington, DC on October 18, 2001. This award (submitted by the SBA) recognizes businesses in Technology and Professional Services, as these businesses are sought after by large institutional buying organizations to provide goods and services on a local and national basis. The Energy Group is a local, national and international company.
* The Energy Group is an SBE-UDE-MB organization
* US Dept. of Energy's Motor Challenge Program Partner
* EPA: Green Lights / Building Star Energy Program Partner
* NJ Selective Assistance Program (Vendor II)
* Certified Vendor (Pt Authority NY/NJ-#PA-17108)
* Applied Energy Concepts, Inc. (Co-Gen/Pwr Plants)
* NJ Business & Industry Assn. (Energy Council)
* NJ Commerce Commission - SAVI - II program (Certf # 14815-25)
* NYC - FMS Vendor Number - 0002643807

* United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Institute of International Education (IEE) and Ecolinks (Eurasian American Partnership for Environmentally Sustainable Economies) Award/Grant Program: Romania/Sibiu (Compa Corporation) a 3.2 million S/F facility with 64 industrial manufacturing buildings with a joint alliance project with Hydrox Engineering (previously Smits Engineering). 1999 - 2001

* US Dept of Commerce - International Trade Division (Special American Business Internship Training - SABIT) program. The Energy Group and Wagner Tours were selected to host an on site delegation of 19 representative specialists from: Russia - Ukraine - Uzbekistan - Moldova - Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to review an environmental technology application for pollution reduction and fuel savings. July/2000

* The prestigious Institute of Power Studies and Design <ISPE> of Romania, Division of Technology Studies and International Programs Department <Ms Carmencita Constantin - Department Head> with their affiliate partner the Romanian Agency for Energy Conservation <ACRE> - within the Ministry of Trade and Industry, asked The Energy Group/Dr. Molteni to present a one day symposium <December 13, 2000> geared toward executive management in Bucharest on "The Process to Energy Efficiency : Dealing with an ESCO + Financing Such Projects <Positives and Negatives>.

* The Environmental Export Council (EEC), Mr. Christopher Godlove (Program Manager) asked Dr. George Molteni / CEO of The Energy Group to be part of the Romania Ecolinks Alliance Start-up Meeting (June 27, 2001 - Bucharest/Romania) at the National Institute for Power Studies and Design (ISPE) and present a summary of their Ecolinks project in Sibiu/Romania <Energy Efficiency and Pollution Reductions> to various Private companies, Trade associations, Associations of municipal government, Chambers of industry, Finance groups, Research organizations and Appropriate governmental organizations as an on-going mechanism to facilitate exchanges of information and know-how with the participants offering opportunities to work together to solve environmental issues/challenges in Romania.

* US-Asia Environ. Partnership / NASDA Environ. Technology Fund
* Int'l Facility Mgrs. Assn. (IFMA)
* Southface Energy Institute - EPA/Partners for a Clean Environment Program (PACE) Partner
* Institute of Real Estate Mgt (IREM-NJ / Friend)
* EPA Bldg Star Energy Program "Ally"
* Energy User News - Recognized/Listed in Feb/99 ESCO issue.
* Cleaner and Greener Environment Program (Leonardo Academy Inc)
* Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce (USA)
* Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) / Strategic Planning for Energy and The Environment Booklet (Vol 20, #3, 2001) Page 52, listing for Engineering/Consulting Services
* IFMA - Research Report #21 (Operations and Maintenance Benchmark (Committee Leader - Utility Costs and Consumption <See Graph>
* New Jersey Commerce & Economic Growth Commission (Office of Sustainable Business)- "Greening the Garden State". Listed as Energy Service Provider (Pages E-10 and GP-5)
* Canada - Energy Innovators Initiative / (Allies)
* Office of Energy Efficiency/Energy Management Services Directory - Natural Resources Canada