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The Energy Group offers a "unique" emissions and fuel solutions device that reduces usage without any loss of performance. Probably the "only" pre-combustion fuel technology that has ever passed FAA's stringent testing protocol. FAA tested and approved to have been installed on all of Purdue Univ. Aeronautical Schools training aircrafts, with verified performances, which makes our technology far more superior than anything else on the market ... and here's why !

"any" application         using "any" type of fuel

Overal Summary / Features - Benefits

Benefits Achieved

  • Virtually complete elimination of exhaust emissions (up to 96% = Duke Energy).
  • Extends life of your Equipment.
  • Performance is achieved and costs reduced further by utilizing economy octanes and lower grade diesel fuel, without any performance loss.
  • Never requires any maintenance.
  • Can be used with a variety of "all" fossil fuels: (Natural Gas, Gasoline, Propane, Diesel, Coal, etc).

Your Peace of Mind

  • Made of 304L Stainless Steel (has a life of 80-100 years).
  • (1) year money back performance guarantee (never less than our absolute "worst case" minimum savings of 6%...).
  • 10 year product warranty...
  • Fuel Savings / Reductions = 10% - 35%.
  • Emissions reduction according to US GOVT. per unit saved: CO2, Carb Equv, SOX, NOX, PM-10, CO, and VOC.
  • Longer usage = better results (reduces pre-existing carbon/scale buildups).
  • No Maintenance ever     Never failed to produce results!
  • Can be switched from old equipment to replacement equipment...

The good stuff

  • Our device is sized by the OD (outside diameter of the fuel line), "not" the size of the equipment, that way the original pressure or flow is "never" compromised.
  • There are 14 different sizes: less than 2,000 CCs (motorcycle, jet skis, snow mobile, etc), to the largest of 6 inches in diameter (cruise ships, super tankers, etc).
  • Paybacks: 89 days - 2 yrs... or much less.
  • Can be installed at any angle - no restrictions
  • Temp. and PSI (classification codes)
  • Case Study savings range:

12.5% - 31% Fuel Savings = Boilers/Heating

Please review video - Installation of East Chicago School System - ABC news

14% - 35% Fuel Savings = Maritime/Vessels

16% - 35% Fuel Savings = Bus/Coaches

11.5% - 31% Fuel Savings = Trucks

10% - 38% Fuel Savings = Cars/SUV

  • Emission reductions:

50% in 30 hours ( Dyno Test - Beijing Univ. - July 2015 - 3rd party lab testing)

96% reduction in 99 days (Duke Energy)

Features and Benefits

  • NOT magnets, no moving parts, NO regeneration, NOT electrical, NOT a catalyst and nothing to wear out or ever replace. Aircraft welded
  • CARB executive order (D-612).
  • EPA performance result (pages: 4, 10 and 14).
  • LEED-EB accepted technology.
  • Alliance to Save Energy - Published Paper (2006) and nominated 4 times for their energy efficiency award.
  • 1/2 dozen newspaper articles - NJ: Bergen Record (1) and Star Ledger (5).
  • Will NOT void manufacturer's warranty (Magnuson-Moss Act 1975).
  • Purdue Univ. Aeronautical School, FAA & Oracle Air Motive R & D... you don't get to install your technology in 4 aircrafts, if it didn't work...

Installation is very easy...

3rd Party Independent Testing

  1. Calf Air Resource board (CARB - D-612).
  2. EPA (pages 4, 10 and 14).
  3. Air Pollution Testing Inc. - Colo. (Duke Energy & State of Wyoming) (Reduced GHG 96%), and natural gas fuel savings of 18%.
  4. State Vehicle Inspection Analyses: Colorado - New Jersey - New York DEP.
  5. Indiana Dept. of Transportation (State School Traffic Safety Div.).
  6. FAA, Purdue Univ. Aeronautical School along with Oracle Air Motive R & D.
  7. US Army - Picatinny Arsenal, NJ.
  8. Mechanical Faculty (Technical Univ. Cluj, Romania)
  9. Beijing Univ. - Dyno test, July 6, 2015

Too Good to be true - Case Studies...

  • East Chicago School System: Natl Gas savings at 18%, Oil savings at 27% + boiler efficiency increased 6.6%.
  • US DEPT HUD: Main bldg. 25% fuel savings, emissions reduced 73%, Avg'd ROI 991%, 89 day payback.
  • Duke Energy: Ind. Lab for state of Wyoming, verified results at 18% NG savings and NOX reduction at 96%.
  • Habitat for Humanity/RO: 21% fuel savings in 30 days.
  • Kean Univ: 4 months = 26% fuel savings, 74% less emissions.
  • Verizon: 31% fuel savings, boiler efficiency increased 22% & 40%.
  • Georgia Chattahoocia Indl Railroad: Reduced CO2 - 99.76%, CO - 96.55% and Nox 85.45% + fuel savings 19%.
  • Refuse carting Co - NYC: City = 11% fuel savings.. over the road to transfer station in PA. 31% in 30 days.
  • FAA & Purdue Univ. Aeronautical School: 20% averaged fuel savings, emissions reduced 73%. If it's good enough for an aircraft... it's good enough for your equipment.

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